Are our own thoughts parasites? Through my research I found out that I am interested in blurring the line between the parasite and the host in favour of introducing a non hierarchical evaluation system. I am approaching this from an ecological point of view, thus supporting the decentralised idea behind such network. That is initially inspired by the concept of the rhizome. By bringing examples of parasite from the biological world, I presented their relationship with the host as something more Symbiotic opposed to being exploitative. By using a biological examples I wanted to amplify the potential of the indifferent approach, when analysing data.

Click here to listen to an interview about this work, with V ibeke Mascini.

[…] everything is an assemblage, from a pot to a city, from a house to an economy. Objects are assemblages not only of materials, which are constantly changing, for example as they corrode, but also of ideas and are, themselves, components of other assemblages; households or communities, being active participants in the formation of the relationships which constitute those assemblages. Assemblages are not fixed entities, but fluid, ongoing and finite processes. Thinking through assemblages therefore turns entities into processes and calls on us to question temporal and physical boundaries. Assemblage thought shifts our focus to the intensities which are productive of societies; we come to encounter a material world which is not representative of the past, but is productive, unstable and full of potential to destabilise received ideas, recover new stories and craft pasts which reveal the complexities of power dynamics which transcend any division between the human and non-human, past and present or near and far.

(Quote: Ben Jervis, Assemblage Thought and Archaeology (London: Routledge, 2018), p. 2.)

3d printed vase 

The paintings in this series are explorations of my experiances  of being dyslexic in the world that is hyper focused on textual references. 
I feel that dyslexia is strangely affecting my perception of time and space aswell. I tried to capture  the disorianteting feeling of being in a space wihtout being able to tell distance.