Alexander Jermilov is multidisciplinary artist based in The Hague, Netherlands, Currently sponsored by the Mondriaan Artist Grant.

In his work, Jermilov researches the way technological hyper acceleration fractures and destabilises our perception and comprehension of the world and reality.

The themes I explore encompass digital media related social and psychological issues like information overload and credibility, online communities, and the impact of digital connectivity on society. I am especially interested in communicating and exploring the new kinds of cognitive effects, emotional experiences and mental conditions that the rapid emergence of technology has brought to us, such as the demise of our attention spans, the lack of constraint people feel in their online communication, confusion and polarisation resulting from disinformation, the numbing effects on our brains resulting from the endless social media feed scrolling, and our quick dopamine hit seeking for bite sized content. I usually create sculptures and installations that turn these conditions into a tangible physical experience through active exploration, thus reminding us of the embodied effects technology has on us. These sculptures consist of self-made and found objects combined with other formats such as sound, digital visuals and paintings. Through these works I aim to capture and reflect the emotional effects of the existential struggles of the modern human and to foster dialogue and raise awareness about these phenomena.