‘Nature, Melancholy in the Anthropocene’ Netherlands The Hague 2021.
“Start station or who is the parasite”  

‘Nature, Melancholy in the Anthropocene’ is the first exhibition of The Spectrum in the physical space and offers a synthesis of socio-political challenges of the Anthropocene through artistic imaginations and inspired by Lieven de Cauters publication, ‘Ending the Anthropocene.’ The visual artists Philipp Groubnov, Johannes Equizi, Aaron Kopp, Bazinato, Alexander Jermilov, and Emma Regeni, explore new ways of cohabitation, symbiosis with nature, and with one another, through existing and new works. In a time in which our current living patterns are reaching their limits, their works call us to end the time of extraction by questioning the current system and offering a glimpse into a better tomorrow. Their results build bridges of understanding and express the desire to change a world that often seems unchangeable for the individua